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April 5, 2023

Video Marketing: A Hole in One?

Intro to Video

"Reel-y" Insightful Key Points

With Masters season in full swing, we were inspired to share our thoughts on two of our favourite things: video and golf. We'll be delving into the similarities between video marketing and The Masters golf tournament, highlighting the similarities of preparation, practice, and execution in both.

  1. Preparation is key in video marketing, as it is in golf. Understanding your target audience, having the proper equipment, and using tools such as storyboarding or scripting will elevate your performance.

  2. Just like the practice rounds pro golfers do before the Masters, conducting pre-production tests, like lighting and sound checks, can ensure a smooth shooting day, save time and resources, and ensure high-production content.

  3. Execution is where all the hard work in video marketing (and golf) pays off, allowing businesses to create videos that truly resonate with their target audience.

Have you ever seen a professional golf tournament and thought to yourself, “Hm. That’s exactly like video marketing!” No? Just us then? Well, let’s take a look at how video marketing is like the world-renowned Masters Golf Tournament and why it should be part of your business’s marketing strategy. 

The Masters: Preparing for the Big Day 

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about The Masters golf tournament is preparation. It takes months, if not years, of practice for professional golfers to prepare for The Masters. This includes getting accustomed to their equipment, honing their skills on the course, learning the terrain of Augusta National Golf Club (the host of The Masters), and so much more. Similarly, with video marketing, there are many nuances involved in making sure each video production project is smooth sailing (or birdieing) from start to finish. Preparation is key. You need to know who your target audience is and what they want to see in order to make sure you create videos that will capture their attention. You also need the right tools—like cameras and lighting—and the right process to make sure your videos turn out just right. A good video production company will have a proven process that works for their projects.

The Masters: Practice Makes Perfect 

Once all the preparation work has been done for The Masters, it's time for practice rounds—aka making sure everything runs smoothly before going live on game day. During practice rounds, players test out different shots and get familiar with the course layout so that they can make adjustments where needed before teeing off on Thursday. With video marketing, this is analogous to testing out different scenarios during pre-production such as lighting tests, location scouting, or rehearsing dialogue with actors/on-camera talent prior to shooting day(s). This helps ensure that come shooting day everyone knows exactly what needs to happen and can focus on executing rather than figuring out what needs to be done next (which would lead to wasted time).  

The Masters: Ready... Set... Action!

At long last…it’s game day! All of that hard work has paid off and now it's time for all those hours spent practicing to pay dividends. Professional golfers tee off with confidence knowing that they have done everything possible leading up this moment so they can play their best game come Thursday. Similarly, when it comes time to shoot a video all of that hard work leading up pays dividends as well because everyone involved knows exactly what needs to be done in order for the shoot to go smoothly, without any hiccups or snags along the way.

Golfers who make the cut play four long days of golf. Augusta is not a flat golf course, and walking 7,475 yards up and down hills for 4 days straight is no easy feat. Just like golfers, video producers have to be mentally prepared for long days as well. Shoot days can be a grind—with 12-hour days, lots of gear to lug around (just like those golf bags), and a bunch of content that needs to be filmed. All that preparation is key.


Video marketing shares many similarities with The Masters golf tournament—from preparing for months prior, getting acquainted with your equipment, honing your skills, and going through practice runs. If you want your videos to work like clockwork, then approach them like Scotty Scheffler at The Masters! Mastering video marketing requires patience and dedication but if done correctly can help businesses reach heights beyond belief! So don't waste another minute…get started on producing amazing content today!

Author: Brandon Hardy

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