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Linamar is a lead global advanced manufacturing company with the power to perform. They came to us with the need to rebuild how the world sees them. Through competitive research, we found no one else in the space was leading the charge when it came to boldly branding themselves through their video presence. We wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.

When it came to the concept, the challenge we had was to both update the brand video while still catering to investors. We proposed the idea to film a 'one-taker' - a unique and ambitious concept. One version representing the brand and the other with a different script catering to investors. The video highlights 6 of their main industry areas and we filmed it in such a way that we could build complex sets representing each area. This proved to be an exciting challenge - we think you'll get the picture!

Linamar: A New Look

Case Study | Brand Stories, Commercials

Viddy Awards: Platinum Winner, 2022

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The Project

Linamar approached Oak & Rumble to create a commercial-style brand video that would provide viewers with an overview of all of the areas that Linamar works in beyond automotive, which is what the company is most commonly known for. Our goal was to highlight Linamar's innovative approach and vision for the future.


In collaboration with the client, our team decided to tell the story of how an idea can take us to new heights and possibilities. The concept was a "one-take" video, where we would follow one main narrator as various vignettes were shown behind her: Linamar's main areas of infrastructure, food, transportation, power, water, and innovation (the future). Our Marketing Strategist carefully crafted a succinct, powerful script, while our creative team planned the visual details.  

Knowing the scale of the project and the difficult nature of filming a one-take video, collaboration and communication played a key role in the pre-production stage. Much planning went into the physical setup of the space, including lighting rigging from the ceiling and the exact positioning of actors, set pieces, and props.



A lot of work goes into creating a perfect one-take video! Our production and lighting crew arrived a few days early to build 6 mini-sets that could be individually spotlighted.


Once everything was ready to go, we rehearsed the entire video with actors and lighting to get the timing just right. Everything had to go perfectly; one technical mistake would ruin the entire take! 

Finally, we were ready to film. Our main camera operator wore the camera mounted on a Steadicam bodysuit, walking backwards in tandem with the actress to capture the perfect shot - all while walking in a specific way to reduce bounce. In the end, we had beautiful, smooth footage with each of the six scenes perfectly timed and executed.



Following filming, all of the footage went through several rounds of approval before the optimal cut was chosen for the best combination of the actor's performance, the best technical camera work, and the best audio. Then, our post-production team added visual effects, sound design, and colour-grading to polish it off. Short teasers were also created to hype up the release of the video.

Releasing The Video

Linamar released the short teasers and the final video on social media over the course of a week or so. The full version now lives permanently on their About page and their Youtube Channel.

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